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About the Instructors:

Jill MulheronJill Mulheron
Jill attended the Institute Of Massage Therapy in Burlington.  After graduating she started her practice in St. Albans and has continued her massage career for 17 years.  Jill successfully built her clientele and realized she needed more education to expand her knowledge of the body.  She took many more workshops and became known as the person to see for chronic pain.

Jill became so successful that she started teaching students how to do what she does.  This gave her the opportunity to expand and ask other people to join her in her practice.  In the last eight years she has grown from 1 massage therapist to eight working therapists in her office.  She continues to treat clients and loves to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

Jill has a true love for what she does.  She is intuitive and intelligent about the body and how it works.  Jill is always looking for new students to share her love of massage with.

Dawn MulheronDawn Mulheron
Dawn is a licensed instructor as well as a nationally licensed massage therapist.  She has helped to improve the educational program that is taught at the Wellness Massage Institute.  With an educational background she is able to work with any learning style and will help you figure out what way is best for you to learn.

Dawn taught at a private high school in Rhode Island for nine years before coming back to Vermont.  She taught students with many different learning disabilities.  While teaching full time she took a two year massage course at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.  After graduating she worked in a small massage studio and with a chiropractor in Massachusetts.  After building a successful practice she decided to join her sister in Vermont.  She has a full clientele and loves treating her clients.  She feels that this makes her a better teacher.  She is constantly trying new techniques to try to help alleviate her clients pain, this she will share with you.  Dawn has been teaching massage for eight years now, changing and improving the curriculum every year.

Lisa JarvisLisa Jarvis
Lisa is a successful product of this school.  The talent that Lisa has was apparent very early in her massage career.  Her concern for her clients and dedication to her work are two of her best qualities.  Lisa built a full clientele as well.  She brings a third view about effective treatment plans.  Lisa is detailed and specific with her work.  She is able to bring that to the classroom as well.  She is able to present information about massage in a way that gives students a true understanding about proper techniques.

Lisa has taught the massage portion of the class for four years.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the body and of the work we do.